The Chainsmokers Give a Lesson in Tailoring Content to Your Audience's Attention Span / by Devin Culham

There's no doubt that our society's addiction to social media has had a negative impact on audience retention rate. When you're struggling to keep the attention of your fans or consumers, it's important that you create content that connects with their interests.

In collaboration with Snapchat Discover channel 'Brother,' we co-produced content with GRAMMY award winning artists The Chainsmokers. Shortly before they dropping their award winning single "Closer" ft. Halsey, we connected with Drew and Alex for a fun and goofy interview designed specifically for 'Brother's' target market of males aged 13-25.

In just 24 hours on Snapchat Discover, our video with The Chainsmokers received 1 million views and a 95% completion rate. When we're discussing numbers, the retention rate is a barometer for the success of your content strategy. 

So how did we do? Can a million people be wrong?